• Festo is an early to medium-early variety, with a high yield of attractive tubers.
  • Nice long-oval tuber shape with a very bright skin colour. Very suitable for production for fresh market and home-fries.

Crossbreeding Bie 93-628 x Voyager

Maturity Group early to medium early
Plant type rapidly developing, medium height foliage with average stem number
Rate of development good
Yield high with a uniform sorting
luxe long-oval tubers
medium large, yellow skin, yellow flesh
long dormancy.
Quality Features firm boiling (AB) with good taste
a uniform yellow flesh colour
suitable for “salat”, home-fries and roasting
U.W.W. 360 gr. D.C. 19.7 %

Resistance to
drought good
second growth good
foliar blight susceptible
tuber blight good
alternaria less susceptible
PVY less susceptible
leaf roll good
PVX good
nematodes resistant Ro 1 and 4
wart disease resistant fysio 1
common scab fairly good
spraing less susceptible
bruising good

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